South Haven and Holland Michigan

On July 1st we headed into South Haven and stayed at an upscale resort called Sunny Brook RV Resort. This is a resort where people can own their own lots. Mark and I took a walk around the place one evening and explored the grounds. Overall, it was very nice, not somewhere where I’d want to buy a lot, but it was very nice.

South Haven along the waterfront.

This is where Addie and her girlfriend Shelby met up with us after the 4th of July. Shelby had a retreat in Chicago with friends that she went to college with, and Addie flew out the following week they both drove up to meet us in South Haven and then followed us up into Pentwater.

The entire time they were there, we had an absolutely wonderful time exploring the area, spending time together and just being tourists in an area none of us had explored before.

Before their arrival, Mark and I explored downtown South Haven. We walked around, shopped, and had lunch in the quaint small town. We walked down on the waterfront and out on the beach. We took in the lighthouse and watched the harbor channel being dredged and that helped us understand how the beautiful white sand came to be on the beach.

Dredging Lake Michigan

Shelby, Addie, Teri and Mark

Mom and daughter.

On the first day of Shelby and Addie’s arrival we stayed around the Resort and drank tea, chatted and Mark made us a great dinner with Ribs, coleslaw, and cornbread. Shelby doesn’t like ribs, so we also smoked some chicken breasts. That evening was spent playing games, chatting and just doing some catching up.

The next day we visited the Windmill Island Gardens in Holland Michigan. Walking around, touring the windmill, and exploring the beautiful grounds was fun.

Windmill Island- Holland Michigan

From there we drove over to Saugatuck and had lunch, we walked around the town, shopped and just took in the beautiful sights. This is for sure a great little town to visit. It’s located right on Lake Michigan. The good thing is, the day we were there the temps were perfect. Being on the lake helps with the breeze and keeping temperatures cooler.

The next day July 8th we changed campgrounds, so Mark did all the packing up and drove the MH and TOAD north to meet up later at the next campground in Pentwater, while me and the girls took off and did some more exploring.

We started off by going back downtown to Holland and exploring the Holland Museum. This was a great way to learn more about the Dutch history in the city. After the museum, we walked across the street to Centennial Park where there is a large topiary of the book – The Wizard of Oz. I learned that the author Frank Baum had a vacation home here in Holland and that was what inspired him to write the book.

Centennial Park - Holland Michigan

After that, we drove to Grand Haven, had lunch, and then headed to Ludington where Addie and Shelby were staying at an adorable Bed and Breakfast. After checking in they dropped me off up at our new campground that afternoon. We all explored this area the next day, taking in the waterfront, and the lighthouses, and Mark and I took a nice hike out to the Big Sable Point Lighthouse.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse.

That evening Shelby and Addie joined us for a farewell dinner, where we made pizzas on the BBQ played a few card games, and eventually said goodnight.

The next day July 10th, they came by to say the “official” goodbye as they headed back to Chicago and we were on our way to explore more of Michigan.

I loved having those two there to visit even though it was short. It was lovely to see my girl, catch up and be able to explore more of this state together.


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