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Wine Tasting Through the Mid-West

 Leaving out of Memphis, we headed to spend the night at a Harvest Host in Park Hills, Missouri. The place was called Bold Spoon Creamery . What a beautiful piece of property situated on a small pond, where Rachel and Corey, our hosts, decided that once Covid hit, they would turn their dream into reality. So, they moved from Kansas City, bought this place, and set up shop making their ice cream. They also purchased an old Schwann truck which Corey drives to do his deliveries. I usually reserve my calories for wine, but I will say, this ice cream was auh-mazing! After that, we headed into Hermann, Missouri, on April 28th, staying at the City Park not far from downtown Hermann. We chose this town because of the wineries and German-style by way of wine and beer. One of the first places we ventured into was the Vintage1847 Restaurant , part of the Stonehill Winery. What a cute place to eat. The service was on point and so clean I would eat off the floor. We both had a glass of wine.

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