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 We left Galveston on January 2 nd and took our second Ferry ride with the MH (Galveston -Port Bolivar), heading to Louisiana. Our final destination was New Orleans. We made one-stop for the night in Lake Charles, LA. we woke up the following day in frigid temps – low 30's (a cold front came in and decided to stay a few days.) We loaded everything up and were off. Originally Mark had planned to take US 90 for most of the trip leg (trying to avoid the construction/traffic on I-10 E) into New Orleans, but the road was so beat up we detoured back up to the I-10 and dealt with the construction zones along the route. We hit New Orleans traffic about 4 pm. Mark does a fantastic job maneuvering the motorhome because if it were me, I'd have cried. Especially when you are unsure of the route the GPS shows and wonder if it's correct (Mark normally has a backup written on a notepad for crosschecking) or which lane to be in; however, we made it safe and sound. Our RV Park was within

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