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New Mexico

 We arrived in Gallup, New Mexico, on October 3 rd . Because we finally received all the parts and pieces to our fridge, we needed to rearrange our trip a bit. We originally were only going to be in Gallup for a few days. Instead, we stayed a week.  With the Albuquerque Balloon Festival going full steam at this time, it turns out the closest place we could get to the repair shop was to stay was Gallop anyway!   On October 6 th, we drove from Gallup to Albuquerque to get our fridge fixed and back in working order. I had this weird feeling that once we got there, they would tell us there was some odd reason it couldn't be fixed (I guess just based on the luck we have been having), but that was not the case. We drove up, they came right out, and Badda bing Badda boom, and we were on our way back to Gallup with a working fridge! (Hooray!) – shout out to  Dalton Service Center for repair and getting us in quickly. Gallup  is a cute town, population 22,000, and bills itself "A

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