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North Dakota

 Leave it to my husband to find a fun way to explore North Dakota. About nine months ago, he mentioned working the Sugar Beet harvest in Eastern North Dakota.  He had a contact from one of the RV website boards he is on that mentioned driving a Beet truck for the harvest - I said sure, but I didn't think much about it. So, as we got closer to the fall, I realized there was no turning back. Entering North Dakota We arrived in Reynolds, ND, on September 22nd and were in for a huge treat. When we followed our GPS to find where we would be parking the motorhome, it kept wanting to turn us down these long gravel roads. Well, I later found out that all there was in Reynolds were long gravel roads except for the main drag through town. Reynolds, you see, is a tiny town with a whopping population of 273. So being that size, everyone knows everyone, like where I grew up. For the first few days, Mark and I got familiar with the area as we drove this monstrous tri-axle truck around, practic

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