Frankfort, Michigan

 We arrived in Frankfort Michigan on July 10th and the campground we stayed in was called Frankfort Crystal Lake RV Resort. It’s a cute little campground that new owners have taken over and they are trying to expand and make things better. We stayed remarkably close to the downtown area and did some exploring while there.

Entrance into the town of Frankfort, MI

One day Mark planned a full-day trip for us to do some exploring. We traveled north through Traverse City and drove up the Old Mission Peninsula (MI-37) where we visited the Mission Point Lighthouse at the top of the peninsula. There are so many lighthouses along the shore of Lake Michigan it’s hard to keep them straight, but I’ll do the best I can.  Our second stop that day was at a small little lavender farm, where we bought a few items and then continued our journey south.

Beautiful Lavender Fields.

Our final stop that day was at Bry’s Estate. It had a beautiful Lavender Farm and flower garden that is connected to a Winery, it’s called Secret Garden at Bry’s Estate. This is a must if you love lavender and wine. We had a joyous day. Mark’s intent was to help me with my ho-humness after losing Izzy and my dad being in the hospital. It’s hard when you are so far away, but at the same time not wanting to ruin all the memories by being in a slump. Taking me to the winery and walking through the lavender fields was the answer to all of my problems.

Entrance into the winery.

Mark enjoying a glass of wine. 

Drinking Wine in the sun. 

We took another day and drove to the Point Bestie Lighthouse.  Again, there are so many lighthouses we just added this one to our list.

Point Bestie Lighthouse.

We then took a drive through the Sleeping Bear DunesNational Lakeshore. I will have to say it was pretty but nothing to really write home about. I enjoyed it, we got out and hiked the dunes. Again, hiking in the sand is not my idea of fun so I was not too impressed. Once we got to the overlook, we were underwhelmed.

Sleeping Bear covered bridge.

The view from the top overlook. 

We took a day, ventured into the town of Frankfort, and walked around, we shopped a little and visited their bookstore. It’s a cute small town so that didn’t take much time.

Downtown Frankfort

Downtown Frankfort

But I will have to say if you visit this area, a city that you need to put on your list is Leland, Michigan. The town population is 410, but definitely worth the stop.

Leland Michigan

Leland Michigan - Little Fishing Town

It’s a small cute, quaint town with a lot of shops and restaurants.  We spent a few hours taking pictures and walking around and we ended up having lunch before we departed.

Our time spent here in Frankfort was lovely. We saw so much; I will have to say that the weather along the shore has been delightful. Not too hot and not too cool. The humidity has been non-existent, for a few days you could feel it, but nothing like I expected.

I highly recommend putting Frankfort and the surrounding area on your list of must-see towns in Michigan, it was well worth the time we spent here.



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