Trip To Florida

 Because the Pandemic had put a wrench in our travel plans, Mark and I decided it would be a fun time to make a detour to Florida and get some work done on the Motorhome. So, on July 18, 2020, we left Rapid City, SD, and our first stop was Onawa, IA. We spent one night, got up early the following day, and headed into Bowling Green, MO.

This trip was such a blur; all I remember was it was hot and very humid. Growing up in Washington State, temperatures above 75 degrees and intense humidity are not very familiar.  After our night in Bowling Green, we got up early and continued our route to Florida. Today was the day where it did “slap” us in the face. We drove through 5 states, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and of course, we ended up in Alabama.

On July 20, 2020, we spent the night in Hartselle, Alabama, on a golf course on some country road in the middle of nowhere. Again, the temps were over the top, the bugs were thick, and we were tired and very cranky. We got up early the following day and headed across the Georgia line.

We chose to slow down just a bit and take advantage of the Harvest Host locations, drink some wine and try to relax and enjoy. The first winery we visited was called Engelheim Vineyards, located in Ellijay, GA.   If you have never seen this part of the country and want to try some Georgia wine, Mark and I both highly recommend putting this on your list. We did arrive later in the afternoon but were able to do a small wine tasting. We purchased a bottle or two and sat out that night enjoying the fireflies, sipping wine, and relaxing enjoying the beautiful sights; the landscape was breathtaking.

We awoke the following day and were back on the road; we headed farther south into Sparks, Georgia. We again stayed at another Harvest Host; this time, it was just right off the freeway, the name was Horse Creek Winery. The ambiance was not as lovely; however, the location right off the highway could not be beaten.

We finally arrived in Brooksville, FL, where we got our slide-outs repaired. Due to the extensive work that  we had done, we ended up renting an Airbnb. For the brief time we were there, and we enjoyed the house and its amenities. Having a full-size washer and dryer, along with two bathrooms and a dishwasher,  seemed like a luxury.

We celebrated my birthday while down in Florida. Mark wanted to take an adventure, so we drove from Brooksville to St. Augustine and spent the day.   We did the touristy thing, rode the trolley, and ate lunch at a Cuban restaurant located downtown. The weather while we were there was hot and very humid, and at the time, we experienced some downpours.

August 1, we then ventured into the Orlando area to get more work done. We finally departed this part of Florida, making our way to Texas on August 4. We drove up the Gulf Coast, taking in the beautiful sights, camping on the beach, and avoiding alligators. We went through Winter Garden, Steinhatchee, St. James Island, and then on to Pensacola.

After leaving Pensacola, we drove along the Gulf through Biloxi, Louisiana, and our endpoint was Del Rio, TX. While in Del Rio, Mark got to see Konner, stationed at Laughlin AFB.

We departed Del Rio on August 18 and headed north. Our final destination was Washington State, where we arrived on 10/1/2020. We stayed with my dad helping him until it was decided that he needed a much higher level of care and was moved into an Assisted Living east of Seattle. He is now much closer to my brother and sister.

We left Washington State after 8.5 months;  getting my father moved, cleaning out his house, and putting it on the market, we were ready to hit the road.  We departed out of Washington on June 21, heading for Wine Country in Northern California.



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