The Journey Has Started

 Our journey started on March 14, 2020. Little did we know the pandemic was at our heels, and it would eventually catch up with us.

We left Colorado and headed south with a plan in mind. One of our first stops was Albuquerque, NM. The temperatures were hanging in the low 70’s and we were able to enjoy an evening at a casino. Now that we look back on it, no one was wearing masks; however, after we left just a few days later, the casino closed due to the Covid-19. 

After leaving New Mexico, we then headed to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon. If you have never been, you need to go. The views were breathtaking, and the crowds were small. We stayed in Williams, AZ, at a campground called Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel. There were many wonderful places to eat and grocery stores for those last-minute items. We enjoyed our time there and will be back. 

Our original plan was to attend a function in Tucson hosted by FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association.) The event allowed you to network with other people living life on the road, and FMCA provided would have provided us with education on various aspects of our coach and living life as a full-time motorhomer. Mark had enrolled me in a class on learning the driving techniques of maneuvering this colossal beast; however, it ended up canceled due to the pandemic, which we didn’t find this to be that surprising.  

We felt so overwhelmed at this point. The pandemic was hitting us hard; we were living in a motorhome, something new to us, and our new house was full of crap that we thought we needed.  I was getting irritable and just needed some time to park so we could get organized. Up until this point, we were on the go. We discussed a suitable landing point and agreed on a place in Tucson called Rincon West RV resort.

Our drive from Williams, AZ, to Tucson was very eventful. We drove through snow, sleet, icy conditions, and once we were just outside of Tucson, we hit some fierce winds. Strong enough that we had to pull over. When you are riding/driving in a motorhome this large and the wind picks up, you can feel the sway more than you want to. I give big hats off to my husband, the hero in my eyes because it feels like we are getting pushed all over the road when a big gust hits.

Once we arrived at our new RV resort, there was a sense of relief. We arrived with the intent to stay for ten days; little did we know this was where the pandemic would come crumbling in on us. The business’s started closing, and restaurants were only serving take-out, grocery stores were full of people panicking, and fear was increasing. We heard more about masks and tried ordering a few online, which we soon found out; there weren’t any available. We ended up ordering from a friend back in Washington State who had taken up making her own, and she mailed us a few. As time went on, we found that buying simple things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and bleach was utterly impossible.

While in Tucson, the temperatures were rising, people were leaving to head home, and we had a lot of time to get organized.


Pulling into Rincon at the end of March 2020, we ended up staying for seven weeks. We didn’t do any “site-seeing” as most places were closed. However, one day we did drive to Bisbee, AZ. We only got out of the car to order lunch, which we ate while sitting in a parking lot as nothing was allowing indoor dining. The rest of the time in Tucson we spent reading, walking when the temperatures cooled off, talking to a few people from a distance, taking our weekly trips to the grocery store in our hazmat suit. Yes, we were bored, and when the time was right, we were ready to leave. 


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